(n.) 1. the general act of being a toad; 2. the act of not being real with oneself and instead committing oneself to actions of degrading others and preventing others from expressing themselves either by forceful law or empty demand. 3. Conforming to the general will of the population without and before first defining oneself or developing one's own position. 4. The act of "saving face." To be used in a situation where a toad (n.) is acting according to a toad's general conforming, face-saving, manipulative, or expectantly insecure/demanding nature.
"The presidential candidates during the presidential debate demonstrated such a high degree of toadery that I could not discern a positional difference between either of them." or "Stop with the toadery already, I want the real you!" or "If you do not stop being a toad and quit with your lies and demands of me ...your toadery, I'm going to leave you."
by Dark Humility November 9, 2009
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Used for situations which lend themselves to false-flattery and being a 'yes-man'. See toady.
When Juan endorsed said he liked an obscure artist, all his entourage agreed despite never hearing him play. The group had sank to the depths of toadery.
by Hobbit+Feet December 27, 2007
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