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Although closely related to the term "to paddy out" it is not quite as pathetic but still very much a stain on the player's character. Importantly this term does not refer to any specific person; it can refer to anybody that brings the game into disrepute by hesitating and trying to negotiate their way out of a previously agreed forfeit. This extraordinary act of cowardice highlights to all other participants the true nature of said player.
A few days ago there was a gathring of likeminded individuals that decided to participate in a game together, and they all agreed to the forfeit if they were to lose this game. It came to pass that one side won amd the other lost, and as it had been decreed the losing team were to complete the forfeit. However, one dastardly individual decided To Westray Out of his team's forfeit thus bringing shame and dishonour not only to himself but also his teammates that had been let down.
by MisterLC August 24, 2017
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