Kid that dosen't grow and floods a lot he's a flood queen so get away from him because you'll drown , and he's dirty as hell smells like garbage and wears joggers even though were in 2019
bro that dudes a tling look at him
by Richnigger January 10, 2019
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Tling is a kid who ugly, musty, crusty, ugly, and look like tyshaun.

Go help him at GO FUND ME
Tling is so ugly.
by richasiankid January 10, 2019
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WWE wrestler Seth Rollins uses the word Tling to refer James Ellsworth.
James Ellsworth is a Tling.
by AhYezzir July 15, 2018
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2 dusty people who fuck each other silly ina barn one is short , floods and gets no females and thinks he buff but in real life everyone knows he's a twig and is a fag , the other one is a little bit taller lightskin got a dusty ass sweatshirt wears some dirty joggers and thinks he females the only thing he attracts is turtles
bro thats Tyshaun and Tling
by Richnigger January 10, 2019
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shorthand for translating, usually used on twitter.
Boy: man, I spent all night TLing that new clip on twitter
Girl: TLing?
Boy: Yeah, Translating.
by gran0121 October 31, 2021
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