A tlak is a talk that isn't necessarily serious in nature, but is about deeper than normal-everyday conversations. Conversations starting off about life, relationships, opinions or ideals, religion, whatever and branching out from there are how good tlaks are done.

Tlaks can end up in less dirty versions of the Question Game.
John: Dude, Jack, I need to have a tlak with you about something.

Jack: No problem man, just let me finish what I'm doing and I'll be right over.

Let's have a tlak over coffee sometime.
by Fox1338 July 8, 2009
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Originally created through a misspelling of the word 'talk', 'tlak' means 'To Lack a Kidney'
Lee: Rebeccaaaa, My boobookittyfuck!

rebecca: Hey Lee, I'm fucking tlaking D:
by itlak. May 14, 2010
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comes from the wonderful world or cave creek, Az. Means something along the lines of awsome, cool amazing or wow. Can also mean beautiful or snazzy.
1)Dude, that sunset is tlak.

2) They are so tlak.
by someone thats tlak June 1, 2007
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a male masturbation procedure in which the arm is extended around the back and opposite side in order to reach the genitalia. male then continues jacking off as usual.
"Why did you leave the room this afternoon? I wanted to tlak with you."
by Dr. Ren_Ayanami, Ph.D January 27, 2005
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