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In the middle east mountains, there lies a human, that has trained all his life to survive all kinds of obstacles. This spectacular human being has fought humans, monsters, legends, animals, and even aliens. He became a hero in the Persian kingdom, and has risen above everyone else, and moved his location to a small town in the viking country "Denmark". The hero has now set himself into an body of an imbecile. The meaning of the word "tiyam" means "omni human" it's a person which rises above everyone else. The word was only used by gods, but now belong to the native human language.
"Dang, you are such a Tiyam"
"We really need to contact a Tiyam"
"Why aren't you like Tiyam?"
"The world requires a Tiyam"
"Did you see Tiyam in TV last night?"
by The messenger of north Persia November 20, 2013
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