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Tiyah is a very uncommon name. There is still a few Tiyahs in this world though. Usually Tiyah is a lightskin (Mixed) and has big beautiful hair. She also has an amazing body that people wish they had. Her personality is very complicated. She is funny, easy going (sometimes), nice and mean at the same time, forgiving, and cool. A Tiyah knows how to defend herself physiclly and verbally. You dont wanna mess with her. She falls for the wrong guy but ends up with the right one. You may have your ups and downs with her but she will always come through.
"Tiyah will totally forgive you"

"Tiyah is nice but she was really rude"

"Tiyah, I want your legs!"

"I love Tiyah"
by Tiyahh June 16, 2014
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Tiyah is a handsome little nigga who get to fucking smart but is genuinely nice to a real nigga he has a crush on this special girl and he throw hands
by Kalahnahtayma June 25, 2016
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