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A small town located north of Trenton and south of Lambertville, NJ. The population of deer far outnumbers people in Titusville. Titusville is the site of the famous Christmas night crossing before the Battle of Trenton which turned the tides of the Revolutionary War. If you live in Titusville you may be late to work sometimes because you are stuck behind a tractor, or because the township always plows your roads last. The social scene in Titusville consists of bonfires and running around in Washington Crossing State Park after hours. Don't be alarmed, you may hear fisher cats at night, just keep your chickens in their coup. If you own a pontoon boat, go tubing, like to hang out on the docks or have at one time constructed your own raft and attempted to float it on the Delaware, you are referred to as a "river-rat". If your elementary school is named after a saloon, you know everything about the woods at the end of your neighborhood, and you had one hell of a childhood then raise your beer because you grew up in Titusville.
"Damn, look at the size of that gun, she must be from Titusville, NJ."
by Miss4thofJuly January 05, 2012
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