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An term uttered in desperation, frustration, exhaustion, or fed-up-ness with the immediate status quo. Often said under one's breath, or yelled loudly and in such a manner that makes it ambiguous or undistinguishable to those who haven't already been acquainted with the term.
"Ohhhhhh.... TittyPiss."


Me: "Oh TittyPiss And/Or ShittyPissButtPiss"
Someone: "WHAT did you just say"
Me: "Uh, nothing... Nevermind."
by ChodeyMcChode November 02, 2010
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when u hop on top of someone and they lactate all over u and ur mom
Maisy just titty pissed on Julie!!!!!!!
by hunnyboobearbitch October 05, 2019
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