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Titsgiving was started by its Founding Fathers after watching a movie with a reasonable amount of tits. Said movie had to do with the popular American holiday, "Thanksgiving," so the two were cleverly merged into a great holiday.

Titsgiving is a popular culture holiday which falls on the first week of June. Titsgiving starts on the Monday of the week that includes June 1st, except in the case where June 1st falls on a Sunday. In this occurrence the following week, comprised of June 2nd-June 8th, shall be named Titsgiving week. Titsgiving shall not fall on the last week of school, however, because this would not allow for the much needed racism during the last days of school. (The last week of school is designated for racism, shitty movies, and making fun of Shamu-comparable teachers. If Titsgiving is to fall on the last week of any given school semester, it may be moved to the week prior to the last week of school. If any other possible descrepencies occur, the Titsgiving founding fathers shall discuss the matter. If no Titsgiving manual is present, you are screwed, and may proceed with the usual June 1st-7th celebration of Titsgiving.

During Titsgiving week, an increased amount of tits must be viewed from normal viewing. These may be in any necessary form, without being any illegal act. Please grab at your own risk.
Pineapple, Oleg Dildensky, and Fabio DareBear are the founding fathers of Titsgiving
by Olga the Pineapple June 02, 2011
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