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Someone who gets aroused at the slightest thing. But unfortunatly cannot maintain an erection for more than four seconds. They tend to be people who shout out "porn" every time they see visable flesh other than the face. This happens because they are so sexually frustrated that they find even the slightest thing erotic.

Also see ben oldham Impotentand townie
Matthew: PORN!!

Normal person: Huh? its a picture of a duck.

Matthew: But it's so horny.

Abe: you Titanic boner.

Ben oldham: *cries* that offends me, what's wrong with horse rape?
by truth speaker December 08, 2004
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a boner that flops and inverts on its maiden voyage
jimmy:first... sex... is... grrreat
jill: huh what the...

both look at his dick

jimmy: its gone titanic

it has completely inverted
by me yes me not you ha ha ha December 08, 2004
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