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'Tissue-mellons' is a phenomenon generally recoursed by small breasted girls with insufficient capital to undergo a breast cosmetic surgery. Such girls, striving to boost their self-confidence, wad layers of tissue paper in the bra until a form of cleavage is somewhat contrived. More often than not, this practice ends up exacerbating the whole situation. This is beacuse when the tissue-melloned female proceeds to carnal knowledge, the man's first reactions at the bare pigeon-tits, may have considerable negative effects on the self-esteem of the former - possibly goading the girl to add more tissue-paper the next time she goes out. The 'tissue-mellons' is a vicious cycle.
Example 1
Mary: Hurry up the taxi is here! The party starts in 15 minutes!
Sue: Fuck! Why are we out of toilet paper on a Saturday night?!
Mary: Come on let's go! You can tissue-mellons your boobs later!
Sue: fucking tits!!

Example 2
John: did you bang that chick yesterday?
Peter: yeah dude. I took her to my place and guess what?! She was tissue-melloned! But I fucked her anyways.
by G.C.. October 02, 2016
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