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Actually not urban at all Tishoumaren is an African kind of bluesrock. Created and played in rural Sahara it is likely to be appreciated by fanatical indies, rock critics and Robert Plant. Being the music behind one of the most obscure teen-age rebellions in the world it is perfect for exploitation by hipsters who couldn't care less about the genocide taking place against the musicians.

A popular "pilgrimage" for those who really want to shun western corporativism is to visit the annual "Le Festival au Désert". It is great musical event where they for a while can relax with likeminded westerners in the shade of sand dunes.
- Ibrahim! Long time no see! Me and the boys are riding the camels to a tishoumaren concert, wanna tag along?
- Sorry but I can't. Mine died of dehydration one hour ago and I have to fence of the folks trying to drink it's blood.
- Too bad... By the way, I heard that you and your tishoumaren band hit big with a European label!
- Yeah... Kind of...
- So why don't you move away?
- Well, I was going to. Then I found out they called our record etno... I'll shoot the first pretentious "tishoumaren tourist" I see! HEY, GET THE HELL OFF MY CAMEL!
by A tishoumaren fan April 05, 2006
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