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A fast way to make some cash with just a little effort. You rent a box truck, the bigger the better (The most you can afford) with a fake or stolen ID. Pay cash up front and then proceed to drive around the inner city targeting gas stations and neighborhoods whose residents do side work on automobiles in their garages. You offer to dispose of their scrap tires for half of what a licensed hauler would normally charge. You may be referred to as a tire whore. But cash talks and bullshit walks. When the truck is full, you simply return it to the point of rental still fully loaded with the tires you charged a couple of bucks a piece to pick up. You can easily fit 4 to 5 hundred tires in a 16 footer if laced or stacked tight.
Hey Joey, you wanna go with me Friday and do some Tire Recycling? I got a stolen wallet that has a good ID in it that U-Haul will take.
by The CLE Steamer May 11, 2009
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