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A person who is very good at maths usually male, a person who will go out of his way to prove himself right (especially about maths) and gets rather flustered and confused when he's wrong.
Person 1: How did he work that equation out?

Person 2: He's a bit of a Tippett
by HamHamHamMan September 23, 2011
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tippetts...dorm in mercersburg, pa. Mostly freshman live there on first floor
IT is HORRIBLE the teachers all have a stick up their asses(except ms neil) mr.kempe is a crazy nazi and hannah galey can kiss my ass for all the times she logged people!!
never live here EVER!
you get logged for being on aim one minute into study hall
logged for being too loud, or swearing
cant have boys in the room unless lights are on and door is fully open
by eric February 16, 2005
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