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Beautiful girl (most have brown skin) big ass and beautiful smile. secretly like guys without telling you. If your looking this name up she probably likes you! or you like her...... tell her you like her thats the only way she will find out, do it fast before someone else finds the Guts.
Tionnie is so beautiful and pretty i should ask her out
by Itsameyahmario October 06, 2016
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Beautiful shy girl that loves nothing but compliments. Just bc she's quiet don't mean she can't have fun.
Tionnie is lit
by Itsameyahmario May 17, 2017
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Amazing hot god happy very jumpy girls love him and men want to be him gay guys want to date him but he will say no he loves women mostly there boobs he is committed to a women in a long relationship truly perfect man
by Hineward86 November 23, 2010
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