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Pronounce as Tionne, but written with an accent on the e instead of the double n; Tioné.

1. A female name normally associated with a vibrant, happy go lucky, full of energy, kindred spirit.
This female is usually gorgeous, and her beauty is not only skin deep- she does not lack in compassion and love for others and all living things.

Family means a great deal to this person, as do friends.

Tioné almost always has a string of boys following her around, hoping to win her heart..

With big eyes and a gentle heart and heaps of talent, it's no wonder everyone wants to be her friend. And true friends she has..
1. She's so compassionate, talented AND beautiful. Must be a Tioné !!!!
by Lexx V February 15, 2010
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A spontaneous back handspringer who thinks its safe to do currency exchange in a shady building with a toothpick chewing Argentinian named Diego.
She pulled a tione.
by LUNCHBOX77 April 03, 2018
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