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1. The act of tinting ones window, to tintilize.

2. To darken anything, generally a window

3. An activity that the whole family can enjoy on the weekends

4. Tintilization is seen in many cultures as an act of respect for royalty of someone of high importance. Often people will offer to tintilize the king's bedroom windows to show respect.

5. Many high schools offer tintilisis as an elective course.

****Not to be confused with tantalize.
I realized that people could see into my windows, so I decided that I would tintilize them last night.

Ex 2: Sometimes when I'm bored, I like to tintilize my windows.

Ex 3: It's really fun to tintilize your windows because then you can see someone on the other side of the window who can't see you!

Ex 4: I got to meet the king yesterday! He even let me tintilize a small section of one of his windows! It was the best thirty seconds of my life.

Ex 5: Student A: What classes are you going to take next


Student B: I'm not sure yet. I'm between AP Art and

tintilisis but I think I'm leaning towards tintilisis.
by windowdude January 27, 2011
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