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Also goes by Tyler. Believes she is Tinker Bel and rocks a "Can I speak to the manager" mom cut. If you ask her what her greatest life accomplishment was she will tell you that it was talking to a millionaire that owns a Ferrari dealership and being invited to an event with Russel Simmons once.

She has changed her name 3x to avoid being prosecuted for fraud and the trail of disaster she has left in her path. She's in love with every man she meets as long as he opens his wallet to her and has a large social network. She's a well known social climber.
Often refers to herself as a digital nomad which translates to a bum that couch surfs and sleeps with men for 1st class airline tickets, rent, fine dining, expensive jewelry and vacations. Has never held down a real job and has no talent other than talking about herself on podcasts and referring to herself as one of the most influential people of her time citing that she should have her own TED talk.

Has no issue with being a married mans mistress, lying in his bed clutching a teddy bear, staring at him with her large eyes and tattooed eyebrows that always make her look surprised. She speaks to most men in baby talk and has a fetish for being treated like a small child in relationships.

Has extreme stalker tendencies and has a habit of going full blown Fatal Attraction on men. Likely has several men hog tied in a basement somewhere with a stack of checkbooks.
Guy 1: Oh my god dude there's a woman standing in the bushes outside of your window and she looks really surprised

Guy 2: Back up, I'm going to open the door slowly, get your phone and have 911 qued.
Tinker Bel: Hi, I was wondering if I could go na nights in your bed wiff yewz, then we could have sex and cuddle with Teddy and then we could look at airline tickets and diamonds online. Then I will follow you around, like all of your photos and move in with you, my luggage is in the woods behind your house.

Guy 1: Dude, isn't that Sharon.
Guy 2: Who is Sharon?
Guy 1: Are you talking about the crazy chick with the "I want to speak to the manager" hair cut? Her name is Tinker Bel now.
Guy 2: Oh, I slept with her once all she wanted was a grass fed burger and 2 networking contacts.
Guy 1: Oh man, hook it up, I can throw down some change for a grass fed burger.
Guy 2: It's not worth it man, she has tagged me in every Facebook post she has written for the past 8 years and I found a notebook page with her practicing my signature and had 3 fraud alerts from my bank. Someone bought glitter,6 stuffed animals and a dildo.
Guy 1: Hey man sex is sex, give her my number and we can role play, I'll be Peter Pan and I'll give her my airline miles and let her sleep on my couch.
Guy 2: That's the spirit man, I've got some paper bags in the second drawer on the left in the kitchen.
by SPIRIT MAN May 04, 2018
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