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A pipe created from aluminum foil used to smoke various substances. "Tin" derives from the commonly used "Tin Foil" to refer to what is actually aluminum foil.

A Tin-Toker is produced by rolling aluminum foil around a pencil (or similarly shaped object) while forming one end with one's fingers to create a "bowl" in which to place the substance to be smoked. Sometimes the creator will additionally place a second, smaller piece of aluminum foil over the "bowl" of the pipe and depress the middle. Then small holes are poked to allow smoke to flow but prevent large pieces of material and ash to filter through.

Some believe it is harmful to smoke with a Tin Toker because the heating frees aluminum ions which are subsequently inhaled. This is as yet unconfirmed.
head one: Yo, I forgot my bowl.
head two: It's cool, there's some tin-foil in the kitchen. Go make a tin-toker.
by SeanHop January 07, 2007
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