Special Agent on hit TV drama NCIS. Usually referred to as "Probie" By Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo, or just McGee. Started out as a newbie, but has matured into a really good agent. The geek on the team who usually does all the computer stuff. First appeared in "Sub Rosa" Season one and became a full time agent in "See No Evil" Season Two. He dated Abigail Scuito for a time in Seasons One and Two, but he is still really close to her. Has a sibling relationship with Special Agents Anthony DiNozzo and Ziva David as in they like to tease in sometimes and genuinely care about him other times. Owns a German Sheperd named Jethro.
Special Agent Timothy McGee stared in awe at the information on the computer screen.
by The Best NCIS Fan Ever April 29, 2010
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