a Australian DJ who produces bangers and was must well known for his single "Freaks" with Savage. He also has some of the best lives under his belt.
hey bro! have you listen to some of Timmy Trumpet's songs lately?

yeah bro!
by Sodanic April 21, 2019
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A Not Timmy Trumpet is a person who plays the Trumpet but is no where near Timmy's skill level. A Not Timmy Trumpet doesn't have to be a male or female, anyone who plays the Trumpet, except for Timmy Trumpet himself, can be a Not Timmy Trumpet.
I'm such a Not Timmy Trumpet, my skills are no where near his. Timmy's a legend.
by emoboyy.xd March 25, 2023
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A Timmy Fkn Trumpet Fan is a fan of Timmy Trumpet who loves his music and is willing to buy as much of Timmy's merch as they possibly can to show that they are a huge fan of Timmy Trumpet. Timmy Fkn Trumpet Fans are extreme die hard ride or die fans that love and support Timmy, almost no matter what, unless it comes to inappropriate things. Nevertheless, Timmy Fkn Trumpet Fans are ride or die, die hards that love and support Timmy.
I'm such a Timmy Fkn Trumpet Fan, I listen to all his music, in fact I only listen to Timmy's music.
by emoboyy.xd March 25, 2023
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