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n., Someone who can exert the powers of space and time to change the sexualities of others to match their own. Timeblazers are usually accused of making heterosexual men into homosexual men.

Greek Mythology
In Greek Mythology Temblazious was the son of Helios and an unnamed mortal woman. While mortal, Temblazious still had many powers, and could pass his powers down to others. Examples of his powers were flamboyant flatulence, generally being unlovable, and making others unlovable.
Man 1: Eric sure has been acting funny lately.
Man 2: Ever since he met that timeblazer Daniel, he's been gay.
Man 1: That's dumb. I say we go bomb his house.
Man 2: YEAHHH! beta!
by Just Pman April 08, 2010
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