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When a political vendetta is focused on local leaders constituents because he won't support a major politician. E.g., jamming up traffic for 1000's of constituents. Many constituents may unwittingly end up focusing their anger on the local leader, who is helpless in such a situation. The vendetta is obvious to the local leader, however it is hard to prove. When he protests he is mocked and humiliated, and made to look like a paranoid, delusional conspiracy theorist or incompetent idiot. The wide publicity from the vendetta creates an exponential impact on other non-supporters of the major politician, so they get the message and jump in line so they do not end up being humiliated, or in political gridlock.
Since the real perpetrator always has plausible deniability he can claim to be blindsided, heartbroken, embarrassed, humiliated and betrayed by his zealots, and his stupid goons. The ability of the perpetrator to transform himself into the victim by playing to people's empathy, sympathy, and by using an army of spin doctors who can saturated the media with a new image is a true accomplishment. The perpetrator's success may end up further enhancing his ability to inspire fear in those who may not aspire to come to his rescue. This works best when a complete account of conspiracy theory cannot show a direct connection, such as by a paper trail, or by testimony from stupid aides and appointees.
When stuck in gridlock traffic for hours.

Faceless constituent One: I guess it was "Time for traffic problems in Fort Lee"
Faceless constituent Two: You "Got it," right.
by mlhiss January 09, 2014
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