A school in Boise, Idaho known to be infested with mind-numbing amounts of jocks and douchenozzles. Spending a typical day in the halls of Timberline, you will hear phrases such as "money" and "shit was so cash brah", and witness the slow, painful retardation of modern society.
I went to Timberline High School, Boise, ID and felt like I became a cast member on Jersey Shore.

It's a Timberline thing.

I went to Timberline high sch - no, wait, don't walk away! I'm different from them, I swear!
by classof2009 January 17, 2011
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Easily the coolest school in Boise for the stylistically enabled. And this doesn't mean MLA format. If you like to wear the label, and not the design, you are welcome here. In addition, the majority of school-goers are upper middle class, so you can always find a friend with more good things than you could ever have.

Timberline High School is also the only school in Boise not noted as "needs school improvement," probably because there aren't enough students going to school everyday to take an accurate statistic.
That Timberline High School, Boise, ID is so more elitist-est than every other school in Boise, ID.
by GBN March 21, 2007
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