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A neighborhood in the Woodlands, Texas, north of Houston. Master-planned in the 70's. Below sea-level, so it's flooded a lot. Some may call it a "ghet-to" place to live, because it is. But atleast they have sidewalks...most of the time. Divided in half, the west side generally nicer and less dangerous than the east. Many strange and not-so-strange accidents do occur a lot. There have been incidents of: stabbing, fires set to cars, kidnappings, rare murders, hit and runs on a mailbox, fires set to lawns, car jacking, among others.The park is a nice place during the day, but at night teenagers go there to smoke, drink, or hangout, though it is right next to a fire station. The pool is an essential place to be in the summer, as everyone goes there to swim or be with friends in the hot and humid Texas weather. Various parties are held in the woods. Most houses are one story, and people enjoy sitting outside. Mixed opinions about this neighborhood, based on which side they live on.
1: Hey, what neighborhood do you live in?
2: Timber Lakes Timber Ridge.
1: Isn't it ghetto over there?
2: Depends on which side.
by Yellow1234567890 December 10, 2011
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