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In Apples to Apples, Tim's Law refers to the ever frustrating occurrence of drawing a card that would have perfectly fit the meaning of the previous card played.
Judge: All right, the next card is "smelly."
Player 1 (thinking): Well, I don't have any great matches, I'll just play this one.
(draws "Skunk")
Player 1: TIM'S LAW!!!!!!
by HoosierMan May 04, 2010
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No matter how intelligent you are, and no matter How stupid, sophmoric, Or inane something is, it WILL Be humorous.

Created to explain the paradox Of why the internet is So funny, when, considering all the stupid its filled with, ought not to be the case. However, in the light of Tim's Law, this paradox ceases to exist.

The law was presumably named after a man by the name of Tim.

Can be expressed in this simple Formula: X = Funny. Where X is something stupid.
"Tim's Law states that you cannot say Poo Nuggets without cracking a grin"
"I say my good man, that is the most daft thing I've ever heard. Observe, sir: Poo Nugget--Blast you!"
by Stupidisthenewfunny January 18, 2010
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