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Tilt-o-maniac~ n

1.He/She has an expert ability to put all the players at the table and in the card room ontilt...including the dealers

2.The person that has the ability of placing a person ontilt just by his/her looks at the table.

3. The person that can place you ontilt, by his/her ability to move all in with that 7/2 off suit and crack your pocket A's.

4. The person that will play any thing and every thing and wins, just to make his/her opponents get up and leave the table with a smoking head, calling you every name in the book.

5. The only player at the table that has a Donkey Statue the size of Godzilla for his/her card protector.

6. The only player at the table getting chatter back from other players at the table and it is all x-rated talk..

7. The only players at the table that gets called an explicit new name every other hand...
You are such a TiltoManiac. Don't make me go TitoManiac on. you.
by ColoPokerOTR December 12, 2012
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