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Noun. Tillett Pizza Milk originally comes from Tillett Pizza, on the Livingston Campus at Rutgers University. Scientists have been at odds with each other how it came to be, but it is obvious that in even small doses, it can be deadly. It seems only mildly harmless, with a hint of Tillett Pizza smell (...I know, who would even want to drink that? ....), but it is definitely deadly. The only animals that can really survive it are probobly Cats, an event which was only witnessed once. A cat was window fed the TPM and it started to go crazy and eventually witherd over and stopped moving. It was tested from above and through the window because it was obvious what problems could and surly did arise. Stay away...
ANYONE SMART: "Yo Jess? How was that Tillett Pizza Milk???"


ANYONE SMART: "You don't look too good......"

use your imagination....
by Justbeatinchicks April 04, 2011
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