A Medical Condition when a human has spent an entire week using TikTok Daily.
Cure: Reality Check
Sorry, Buddy, You have TikTok Disease, we will need to do an intense reality check on you next week.
by Fuckingswett dude November 12, 2019
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Otherwise known as Tiktok Chlamydia, this disease is easily spread, infecting both men and women. With the power of just one 5-second clip, Tiktok has the capabilities of making millions follow, "The new trend"
Trends can vary from dumb lip syncs, dances, or literally nothing in some cases, all the way to absolute stupidity or fatal suicides.
Tiktok disease infects as many as 1 people a day, and some cases have lead to self suicide, because some people are so fucking desperate for views
by Mr. Rowlet August 7, 2021
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tiktok is a disease it easily spreads throughout any school especially when all the E-boys and E-girls come to play.
I see so much kids in the hallway making videos it must be the tiktok disease.
by Cringle puffs November 14, 2019
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