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Tigerspetälska, also known as zamberian tiger leprosy is a rare tropical Swedish disease originally found in the jungle of Norrland. Visitors from Stockholm are very paranoid about acquiring the disease, and rumours are it has spread to New York city due to Swedish immigration.

Tigerspetälska was first mentioned and made popular by the late Dee Dee Ramone, in his famous book "Chelsea Horror Hotel" (2001). You are likely to catch the disease in a New York public toilet - like Dee Dee did. After catching the disease, you might run into Sid Vicious, even though he's been dead for over 20 years - he might offer you some heroin aswell, if you're lucky.

So if you're sourounded by used toilet paper, In a Public bathroom, you might catch more than just some dirty looks.
From page 78 of Chelsea horror hotel: "... Åhhh, neej, neej! Jag kommer få Tigerspetälska "
"Ohhh, Nooo! I'm going to catch zamberian tiger leprosy"
-Dee Dee Ramone

"Hey, is that some tigerspetälska?"
"I swear if I get tigerspetälska one more time."
"If I fall down on this toilet paper I'll get tigerspetälska for sure."
"Hey, I bought these Chinese Rocks outside of Rikers in 79'. It won't cure you of Tigerspetälska, but you won't mind the toilet paper anymore"
"Hey is that Sid Vicious, or do I have Tigerspetälska?"
"You better not go in there! You might catch Zambarian Tiger Leprosy"
by Norrland Epidemiologist July 19, 2013
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