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Tiet-en-ide (`teet/en/i'd)Noun, The real fucked up guy that shows up from no place wearing funny loafers and a sweater with leather patches on the elbows and a crest on the pocket.
He never knows anybody except another shoes and sweater Tietenide and nobody except another sweater and shoes Tietenide knows who the fuck he is. They are spotted mostly in high school parking lots hanging around a 1979 M.G. convertible saying strange shit and looking in brief cases. It's thought by some that they are members of the ancient order of the Thietenloied(definition pending)
Hey, Ted, your the president of the student body, what's the fluff with those couple of Tietenide over by that M.G. rag top?
Don't i wish i knew Dale, they're both seniors but i cannot find jackshit about anything on them. I went to the business office, thought i might shake something lose on them but i think Mr. Cherry might be one. He's wearing the shoes and sweater, fucking worse than window shopping, Tietenide pricks.
by Isack Sack May 09, 2008
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