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To shake one's tie in disgust, protest, disrepure or recoil. Often used by QUELP Knights in the same way Members of The House Of Commons shake leaflets of proposed Bills in protest.

The tie is grabbed 4 inches from the knot, with the thumb going on the underside and both the index and middle finger, above and below respectively, on the outer side. The tie is then ravenously mishandled and shaken often accompanied by a disapproving din of 'Rar rar'.
I'm afraid, that as you are a Level 12 I cannot permit you to sit at my table and in protest I must dismiss your voice with my tie-chivalry.

I'm afraid I disagree Mr Barrymore, I cannot support the gay franchise and therefore I must attend to my tie for extended chivalry at your proposed debauchery.

Julian Danielson - " I hear Dr Eric Egan has got his Help up the duff, Mycroft"
Mycroft - "Oh yes, I heard that disgusting business, shame, he had a rather tense bottham and had only just had his burnley wallet!" *Both then compound their disgust with a session of tie chivalry

EXCUSE ME Mr Speaker, i fucking must protest at this shit of giving the mob the vote. QUELP insist that voting rights are still means tested; both by virtue of class, family name, distinction and of course, wealth - *tie-chivals in total disgust
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