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The reason why Americans hate football (soccer) because every other freakin' sport over hear (even golf for christs sake!) has some sort of tie breaker. In a football match where guys will kick a ball around for an hour and a half and do NOTHING, they will slump off the field in a 0-0 tie. Who the hell wants to watch that? No one! We Americans happen to have very short attention spans (hell, that's why we invented tivo) we want to see ACTION. Which is why we like basketball, american football, and lacrosse. Don't get me wrong, soccer is a great game to play and watch, but it does get very dull in a tie game. :P
European: Did you watch the soccer/football game last night?

Normal American: No, I played video games. Who won?

European: uhhhhhh they tied

Normal American: Score?

European: (embarrassed) zero zero

Normal American: Ha! glad I didn't watch that! *mumbles* stupid sport. No one likes a tie game.
by Charny3 June 22, 2010
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It is when a game comes to an end where both teams finish on equal terms and no team can be considered a winner.

It is also one of the most infuriating and pointless things in existence.
1: Ah mate, I just played an awesome match just now.
2: Really? Who won?
1: Ah nobody, it was a tie game
2: Wow, that's awesome!
1: Not really, I just spent 90 minutes playing one of the toughest games of my life and nobody won. A complete waste of time.
by bakersmileyface October 24, 2018
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