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A very intense game played primarily by people in the United States. Played much like rugby except there is stopping the play after a tackle and forward passes are legal which adds an interesting aspect to the game. Many consider it to be a pussy sport because of all the pads. I've played the sport and believe me, the pads suck and get in the way. But if they didn't exist then we would probably have football related deaths in the hundreds and no one would play. Europeans are quick to point out that rugby players don't wear pads. This is because rugby is a more fluid game and the hits aren't nearly as hard. In American football, once the ball is snapped, everyone explodes from their position and goes full speed full strength for about 15 seconds or so. When the bodies clash there is a huge force of impact because everyone is going so hard. Then they wait another 20 seconds or so, catch their breath, and go out and do that again. The stress on the body would be too much without the pads. Also, in football everyone is hitting someone on every play. Where as in rugby everyone is spread out more. And it's more about staying in position and running. Both are entertaining to watch, but I like football better just because there is much more hard hitting and crazy action with the forward pass.
There is a fine line between toughness/manliness and utter stupidity. If american football players wore pads, then everyone would sustain life long injuries or die on the field. Rugby players wear no pads and think they're hot shit for it. I hope it's worth getting teeth knocked out and using a motor chair for your whole retirement.

Theodore Roosevelt (president of U.S. 1901-1909) wanted to BAN american football because it was considered too dangerous and too many deaths resulted from it.

If you watch this game, you will find there is a lot of adrenaline and excitement packed into every play.
by Charny3 June 22, 2010
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The reason why Americans hate football (soccer) because every other freakin' sport over hear (even golf for christs sake!) has some sort of tie breaker. In a football match where guys will kick a ball around for an hour and a half and do NOTHING, they will slump off the field in a 0-0 tie. Who the hell wants to watch that? No one! We Americans happen to have very short attention spans (hell, that's why we invented tivo) we want to see ACTION. Which is why we like basketball, american football, and lacrosse. Don't get me wrong, soccer is a great game to play and watch, but it does get very dull in a tie game. :P
European: Did you watch the soccer/football game last night?

Normal American: No, I played video games. Who won?

European: uhhhhhh they tied

Normal American: Score?

European: (embarrassed) zero zero

Normal American: Ha! glad I didn't watch that! *mumbles* stupid sport. No one likes a tie game.
by Charny3 June 22, 2010
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