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"Tic-tic girls" is a word to describe the tribe of girls who are always well-dressed, stick to conventional fashion trends to look pretty at all times. They tend to reinforce the stereotype of the popular cheerleaders who are superbly girly.
How to spot one: Impeccably co-ordinated clothes, shoes and accessories at all times, clothes that will always show off their figure, perfectly set (mostly straightened) hair, most likely wearing heels, perfect make up, handbag which rests on the forearm, perfectly manicured nails, they say "totally" and "eww" a lot, preoccupied with their appearance and taking selfies to look 'hot'
The name comes from the 'tic tic' sound of high heels
Veronica is such a tic-tic girl, she's carrying TEN tops and FIVE pairs of shoes for a 2 day trip!
by tweedledee29 April 23, 2015
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