Tiaira is one awesome soul ! She can be shy and stand off ish if she is in a new environment but those who know her know that she is bold , blunt ,fun and outgoing . She has a creativeness to her that most don't ... if she can imagine it she can make it . She pays great attention to detail almost to a fault. Tiaira has an amazing intuition so dont lie or cross her cause she will know . She can do anything she sets her mind too. If your her friend your the lucky one . Tiaira will go above and beyond for her friends and family . She can be the life of the party or the shoulder to cry on . She is the one you call when shit hits the fan . Tiaira has the most beautiful eyes but that's not all she is an all around beautiful women from the inside out . She always looks at the bright side of things and try's to treat people well .. unless you cross her and if you do you better be ready because she won't have to lay a hand on you to feal her wrath ! If you have a Tiaira in your life never let her go !
I'm not going unless Tiaira is gonna be there ..

Who's the person you'd call for your biggest secrets? ... Tiaira

Did you see that girl ?

Which one ?

The one who's lighting up the room !

Oh ya that's my bestie Tiaira !
by OCF MOM May 18, 2019
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Satan is the one descriptor to use when speaking about a Tiaira...Satan herself. She lets you live with her and pays all the bills...then she gets mad when you still only work 4 hours a day and drink another 6 hours. She loves to have sex and is 9/10 times pretty chill about making "little mistakes" ya know...like doing meth. She's understanding and funny. Smart and maybe the most beautiful gal I've ever seen. Insists you hold her titty while you cuddle her, loves kids and puppies too!! Can hold her liquor and knows how to cook. At times she is too honest with people and they hate it!! That's why most people end up not being a friend of a Tiaira...they don't enjoy self truth. She's true to herself and those she loves. Generous and kind... but can also tear open your soul just like Satan!!!
Please all requests for soul retrieval to Tiaira...she's handling all the soul negotiations while the big guy is on vacation. Thank you for all your hard work. Best Regards, Lucifer
by BringerofDarkness July 13, 2021
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beautiful...peaceful....lovely....sexy.. TIAIRA COMES FROM THE FRENCH MEANIN BEAUTIFUL...
shantell is the perfect exampl of tiaira, she is beautiful..
by mrz.muir July 5, 2009
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