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People that come up to you on Thursday or Friday’s, acting like your friend but the only reason they are talking to you is because you are old enough to go to the liquor store. Usually girls but can also be guys. Will act friendly to you so you will go to the store for them, but when you come back they leave almost instantly. Not speaking to you again until the following Thursday or Friday.
Ali = hottest girl youve ever seen.
Jim= Geeky World or Warcraft nerd who just turned 21.

Ali: Hey Jim I havent seen you in a while....
Jim: (thinking to himself) "WOW i would do anything for her" Yea Ali its been awhile.
Ali: Can you do me a favor?
Jim: Sure
Ali: Go and Get me some Vodka.
Jim: ok.

1 minute after he gets back Ali leaves and wont talk to him again until next Thursday or Friday. Hence "Thursday Friday Friends".
by Expierence is Wisdom April 28, 2010
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