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A militant killbot who also is passionate about his lawn and garden, originally created by Frylock. He is very aggressive and warlike, always speaking in a loud, robotic monotone. When Brak is troubled, no matter what the problem is, Thundercleese invariably suggests swift and brutal retaliation.
Brak: "..what do you think that is?"
Thunderclese: "Its a light switch."
Brak: "Unhuh"
Thunderclese: "..Of Total Devastation!"
by BinaryPhalanx November 03, 2007
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Definition 1 about the cartoon robot is correct...The word can be adapted as a secret nickname for anybody who obsesses with ridiculous mechanical things.

Usually a neighbor, due to the neighborhood setting of The Brak Show. Can also apply to somebody with an overly decorated lawn.
The neighbor drives a Humvees - we call him Thunderclese

The other neighbor mows the lawn with an oversized tractor: he's Thunderclese too.

The neighbor's kid drives obnoxiously loud motorbikes in circles: Thunderclese Junior
by TreeWeezel November 14, 2011
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