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To give a good shagging to.

Refers to the famous scene from the James Bond movie 'Thunderball' where he shags the stretcher table hard.
by Ratington June 10, 2010
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A glorious game emerging from the coattails of of standard Professional Baseball. Highly contraversial due to the extreme nature of the game.

Differences when compared to baseball inclue, but are not limited to:
1. Defenders are allowed stop base runners by any means necessary. In turn runners are allowed to keep their bats to defend themselves.
2. Pitchers are allowed to throw three balls consecutively, and in a game are given a total of three ceramic balls filled with whatever they want.
3. Wild Dogs and gorgeous honeys are allowed to roam the field distracting and attacking defenders or offenders at their whim.
4. Each inning the offenders are allowed to control a Miata which is allowed to roam the field, defending few, and flattening others.
5. And Lastly, twenty feet behind second base is the gun circle, with a fully loaded revolver. Under no circumstance are players allowed to enter the gun circle, or use the gun.

The players amazing, the game phenomenal. This is Thunderball!
None of us own a gun, so we can't start a game of thunderball.
by jack19821101 August 05, 2006
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The best James Bond film ever made. Features a underwater speargun and knife fight between a bunch of US Navy frogmen and the bad guys in SCUBA gear. Begins well, too, with a one of the bad guys nerve gassing the other people on a nuclear bomber so the eeeevil genius can swipe an H-bomb.
I watched Thunderball on the late show last night... Sean Connery not a senile old fart... amazing.
by Cajun Scientist June 22, 2009
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This exciting game is a shocking combination of football and soccer, which creates this ridiculous, adrenaline pumping extreme sport. This game is not for the weak, for it entails a whole lot of physical bullshit that makes no sense. (ThunderBall is the only currently known sport to allow its players to do whatever the hell they want.)
1.) Played with a Rugby style ball on a field roughly the size of a basketball court with lacrosse goals.
2.) Goals are scored by throwing or kicking the ball through the goal.

3.) Play resumes by means of a kick-off. If the kickf goes through the goal, it counts as 3 Goals.
4.) There are no out of bounds.
5.) Shots cannot be taken within the Goalie box. This box extends roughly 1-2 yards around the Goal.
6.) Tackling the ball carrier results in a Turnover. Play resumes immediately after the other team recovers the ball.
7.) The ball can be advanced by running or passing the ball.
8.) There are no rules.
Me: Hey, wanna play some Thunderball today?

You: Na, I'm still recovering from when you broke my femur last time we played.

Me: Pussy.
by Chade Runsen December 17, 2013
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The feeling when you haven't ejaculated in so long that they start to feel like your balls are going to explode.
When Mark decided to stop masturbating, he had no idea of the pain of thunder balls and was sorely unprepared for the pain ahead.
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by Starbuck32123 March 06, 2016
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Thunderball is an Extreme Sport, played only by extreme players. Thunderball is an ancient sport similar to modern-day tennis. The only exception is that Thunderball must be played in a thunderstorm. It makes it much more exciting.
Bro #1: "Hey Bro, we both got off work on Monday, we should play some Thunderball!"

Bro#2: "Yo Bro, we have to check and make sure that a severe enough storm is on the way."

Bro#1: "Alright Bro, sounds like a plan."
by Mephen Galson June 17, 2011
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The name of someone too cool 4 school. Also known as 'Harringtrain' or 'L4mming20N'

A god like immortal that walks the earth, beware. He May Be Among Us.
Person 1: 'Have you heard of ThunderBalls?'

Person 2: 'What the James Bond movie?'

Person 1:' No you zimbabwe duffa, the King himself'
by ThunderBalls69 June 16, 2014
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