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(n) A woman who will only date violent, uneducated chauvinistic, ignorant, unintelligible, pants saggin, "playas" with 20 kids by 21 different baby mommas. College educated brothas are especially shunned by these women. Complete opposite of Pro-stitute.
Guy: Hi Im an up and coming grad student who would like to take you out.
Thughugger: Hell to the naw. Go read a textbook or something college boy. Ewww, You smell like knowledge.
Thug: <slaps Thughugger in the face> Let's go bitch. Time is crackrock.
Thughugger: That's my man.
by Mad Sclupu May 31, 2007
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an activist that protest police brutality and supports the perps that are allegedly victimized by the authorities
There are Thug Huggers marching in all the big cities across America today and might even become thugs come nightfall.
by pokeyz123 May 03, 2015
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When a thug type guy who gets away with anything because he has good looks and good game. He Typically doesn't have a job or income. He lives off his girlfriend and isn't ashamed that his only talent is his looks. He typically has a lot of tattoos and most people are intimidated by him. His girlfriend has the car, the job, and the house,
I hate my friends boyfriend he's nothing but a thug hugger riding on her coat tails using her, I wish she could see past his rough charm to see it for what it is and get rid of him.
by buggingit December 01, 2013
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