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A variant of beiruit/beer pong played with 21 cups. Three people play on each team. The person directly across the table from you must drink any cup that you sink and vice versa, prior to shooting their next shot. Two skill cups (islands) are allowed per game, per person. Two racks are also allowed per team provided that there are ten or less cups remaining. After the last cup is hit, the team that hit the cup receives the balls. Each player then shoots another shot in the hopes of sinking it and thus eliminating the player across from them. Any players who are not eliminated are then allowed to take rebuttal shots, racks are allowed as requested by the shooter. The game proceeds to a six cup game of overtime in the event that all of the cups are sunk on rebuttal.
-Does anyone want to play ruit?
-No, let's play thruit.
by Jaundy May 23, 2010
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