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An American form of wrestling used as excercise, sport and self-defense. Also called Stand-Up Wrestling or Balance Wrestling. There are NO ground techniques in this style (although most masters are ALSO masters of Submission Wrestling).

Usually practiced outside on a nice, thick, green, cut and raked lawn.

OBJECT: Throw the other person to the ground with you not touching the ground at all except for your feet. Every time one person touches the ground with anything other than their feet, the other person gets a point. There are three rounds. Even if one person wins both of the first two rounds, there is still a third round for statistical purposes. Both sport and self-defense training require three round matches.
American Throw Wrestling is very similar to the Japanese Aikido except that most Aikido practicioners only do co-operative training rather than competitive sparring.

Throw wrestling is all about competition.

An Aikido master might THINK he can defend himself, but a Throw Wrestling master KNOWS he can!
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