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1. To accomplish a task wholeheartedly, without reservation and without regret.
2. To go above and beyond what is typical or expected in an awesome manner.
3. When referring to alcohol consumption, to "throw heat" is to drink aggressively (in keeping with definitions 1 and 2)
-Example 1-
Bro 1: Woah dude, are you through that 30 rack already? It's not even noon
Bro 2: Yeah bro, I've been crushin brews since 8AM
Bro 1: Fucking A, you've been throwing some major heat

-Example 2-
Bro 1: Did you see Mike throw heat yesterday?
Bro 2: Haha, yeah, I got a picture of him afterwards passed out with his head stuffed inside an empty case of beer
by Barry Brobama February 10, 2010
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Justin Haze wanted to throw heat right next to me but I told him not to. I can't stand the smell!
by jjhayes79 February 03, 2010
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