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Throatkill is the act of forcefully shoving one's c@ck deeply and repeatedly into the esophagus of an unwilling or unknowing victim. This is the basis of Max Hardcore's empire. The victim, upon completion of the throatkill, has their respect taken away in a manner that will never be returned. The throatkill is a powerful tool used by pornstars and normal civilians to take the respect away from a f@&kpig that will leave a lasting impression. Oftentimes the characteristic sound of the throatkill is gagging; moreover, the characteristic response to a throatkill is resistance and vomiting. The person who carries out the throatkill can often feel empowered. The beauty of throatkill resides in the fact that relatively small equipment, 3 inches or more, can be used to achieve devastating results (see the work of one Max Hardcore).
Did you see the way that Max used throatkill to break that trick?

My chick was getting on my nerves all night, when we got home I throatkilled that b@^ch.
by The Maxfan April 27, 2009
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