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Sometimes a name is not enough. Sometimes a certain person needs more than a given name to identify them, they need something they can live by. A mantra if you will that can define them and yet encompass all that they represent. On very special occasions this type of person

will meet another, often smarter, type of person that is able to see this person and bestow upon them this name, this Title.

Thrillbrick is the culmination of wit and ingenuity in nickname giving. The exact origins are unclear, yet rumours abound as to who actually set forth this name onto another human being. Some say he towered well over 6 foot above the Earth, others almost 7 feet . Blonde, blue eyed, immaculately presented and skilled. A Wordsmith. We may never see his like again, and as such it has been suggested we should bask in his

glory while it is present.

Use this nickname sparingly, for it should not be used in vain.
I love Thrillbrick

Look yonder and observe that Thrillbrickery

He behaved in a Thrillbrickerish manner

It tasted Thrillbricktastic

Let's go Thrillbricking
by aydo19 July 15, 2009
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