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A man who feels the need to talk about himself nonstop, slick his hair back, be very muscular to compensate for his lack of good looks and wear sunglasses backwards on his head even when it's not sunny out. You will usually find one of these guys eating alone at meals. At parties they will be the beer pong champs until it is their turn to play when they suddenly don't feel like it anymore, the big drinker who you never see drink, and that guy who will hit on any girl, pretty or ugly, and still get turned down in a second. These kind of guys are generally loners although they will say "hi" to every guy they pass as if they are best friends.
Oh my god Jane that guy is such a thricker, I can hardly stand to be in the same room as him without spilling my drink all over him.
by Brooke Ashley April 22, 2008
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