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Threemo.. sometimes said 3mo. the lowest of the low, this person should not and will not ever be accepted into any social order, this person is the inevitable ending to life in a social meat grinder.

A Threemo, Or 3mo, Is A Mix Of..

The above should theoretically not exist, being that the current standing social order prohibits any kind of mix. Nowadays there is a click for every type of person around, but not this asshole, it isnt enough. He/she has to take it that one step further to be ''individual''.. if you ever encounter a Threemo be careful, although socially appealing, this label will eternally render you socially inadequite. STAY AWAY FROM THE THREEMO'
Chav: hahahahahahhahahahaha wtf is a threemo?
Chav2: yanno.. that Asshole Sam from 23rd And park.. calls himself a chav emo mosher.. threemo

Sam: i dont fit in with the Chav croud.. im not violent enough.. im not depressed enough for the emo crowd.. and i havent got the life in me for the mosher croud.. i just dont belong here.
Threemo: your a threemo. like me. join me. come with me to a more meaningless existance. it'll be awesome. intensity in ten cities, live at budokai. we can sit around listening to the deftones. it will be COOL
by Threemo0o0o0 September 10, 2007
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