A game which can be played using your dong and balls.It involves pinching the skin over your unit to match your balls.The trick is to have someone guess which one isn't a ball.A great game for your wife or girlfriend , or a co-worker who you think is a total douche.
Copsey was on a winning streak last night,while playing Three Ball Monty, clearly identifying my frank from the beans.Don't challenge the master he can sniff cock out like a drug sniffing canine.
by Rick Ling the DubTown Menace September 8, 2008
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A game in which you pull the foreskin of your penis over so it looks like a ball.when combined with the other 2 its hard to pick which one isnt a ball.
Copsey won last nights game of Three Ball Monty, guessing 2 out of 3 times.
by RickLing August 12, 2008
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Three Ball Monty is a game where one male participant gather's his own penis and testicles together in one hand. By slight compression of the testicles and penis the body parts appear very similar. The object of the game is to have other players guess which is the penis and which is the testicles.
During the Three Ball Monty tournament J.B. injured his penis as a result of extreme compression.
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