When you think of two different ideas while talking or typing and they mix together to form a sometimes awkward or mixed prase that is off topic or confusing.
Just after finishing homework and about to make something to eat.

Person 1: Ahh finally, im done.
Person 2: Good now we can get on with this game.
Person 1: Just hang on a second, I'm going to go get something to homework.
Person 2: Wait.. what did you just say?
Person 1: Oh, woops. I was thinking about getting something to eat and putting away my homework at the same time.
Person 2: Yea...

Person 1: Sorry, i get thought crossed alot.
by Jagwyer May 27, 2010
That annoying thought which breaks your original train of thought.
I think the main reason that traps are gay is because...sorry, what was I saying? I just had a cross thought.
by Trapsaregay January 7, 2018