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Thotformers, autothots, deceptithots, thotomus prime

A thot that displays an image of being a normal girl, during the day but turns full thot at night, or when out with friends, or alone, she is a thotformer.

When two groups of Thotformers are in the club, and beefing, they become Autothots vs. Deceptithots.

The leader of said group of Thots is known as Thotomus Prime.
Yo, did you see Michelle, man she is all business in the office, but check her snap, bruh, shes a straight up Thotformer....

Yo.. did you see those two groups of thotformers in the club last night? it almost turned into an episode of "The age of Thotron"! Im glad Brittany yelled out, "autothots, roll out!"
by Thottron The great. June 04, 2018
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